Kaela Mensha Khaine (lit. Khaine the Bloody Handed) is the Eldar war god, the representation of their battle-thirst and rage taken to extremes. He is thought to be one of the Old Ones or a weapon of their design, remaining to guide and aid the Eldar long after the Old Ones' civilization perished. Khaine is one of the main deities of the Eldar mythic cycles and features in many stories. During the Fall of the Eldar, when Slaanesh slew their gods, Khaine endured destruction but was shattered into a thousand shards, each of which took root in the heart of one of the Craftworlds. To this day, the immense iron statues known as the Avatars of Khaine remain within the Shrine in the heart of each Craftworld, and through sacrifice they may be woken and march at the head of the Eldar armies into battle, glowing with heat as the force of the spirits of the sacrificed and the remnant of the war god wield their fiery power in defense of the Eldar people.