Biomechanical augmentations are a way that adepts of the cult mechanicus can feel closer to the omnissiah whilst also benefiting them in their day to day lives. These upgrades come in many shapes and forms but are generally either industrialised or weaponised,or more often both.Tools such as drill attatchments in place of limbs,las cutters,power claws,data links,mechadendrites and saw blades. Other popular improvements may be added for enhanced locomotion or flight,such as track units,suspensor fields,repulsor lifters or even multiple stickthin insectoid limbs. Classic augmetics include third lungs,lung scrubbers for pollution eradication,additional hearts such as those sported by all astartes,bionic eyes,memory coils and internal micro-cogitators for eidetic recall and enhancement.Haptic sheaths can be fitted over the tactile areas of those who pilot ships or war engines on a regular basis to facilitate faster transferance of data,essential in hostile campaigns. Muscle embedded servo-motors grant an individual enhanced strength and for situations where one may be caught unawares,having a mini laser cannon retrofitted to ones shoulder is an indespensable boon.

In the 41st millenium any functioning part of the human body can be upgraded or replaced with someting more practical. Many members of the cult mechanicum feel that the less flesh they possess the more akin they are to the machine god, and so try fervently to relieve themselves of all organic components as they rise through the ranks, often focusing greatly on external augmentation.Space marines, on the other hand rely on more internal changes and bio-engineering to make them tougher and more resilient. One of the hardest pieces of bio-tech to manufacture is the legendary geneseed. Created by the Emperor, these organs transfer to the owner the strengths and charactoristics of the primarchs of their legion.This is why the astartes never leave a geneseed behind, the mechanicum do not manufacture geneseeds.