The Battle Barge is the battleship of the Adeptus Astartes fleets, a ship slightly smaller than most Imperial Navy battleships but more heavily armored and no less durable. These ships are very expensive to build and maintain; most Chapters control only two or three. These vessels are configured more for planetary assaults than ship-to-ship engagements, with large Thunderhawk transport bays, heavy ground bombardment cannons, prow torpedoes, and a heavy broadside armament. In addition, they are heavily armored and shielded with a powerful turret array, and are nearly as fast as most Imperial Navy cruisers. Their crews are composed mostly of Servitors, but each ship does carry a compliment of Space Marines for repelling boarding actions and are designed to be easily defended. These factors combine to create a well-armed, durable, and versatile vessel capable of holding its own in fleet engagements or blasting ground targets from low orbit, a ship worthy of carrying the Emperor's finest into battle.